Welcome to the Mad Hatter’s store. Where one hat does not do it all.

If the Mad Hatter had to pick a hat based on your profession; he would choose a mesh lined snapback with your preferred appeal logo.

While you pear through the looking glass, you confidently set that hat on your head. Then the Hatter would look at you with a puzzling dismay. “That is NOT correct. That does not fit correct.” After several attempts to adjust the hat’s width, the hat just doesn’t fit.

As the Hatter moves disruptively toward the window display. You wish for this one to stay.

Eagerly coming towards you, the Hatter, is very much pleased. Because in his hands is grey Fedora.

You are puzzled by the apprehension of what this professional representation presents. That is not me. That is a bankers hat.

You place the hat on your head. It may fit but it’s not for me. The Hatter swoops the hat off and shoves it into your hands.

The Hatter picks up the yellow hard hat and suggested a fit you see.


You speculate in your mind “Why does a personal trainer need a hard hat?” All while the Hatter excitedly hits and pounds like drums to the sea.

Aggressively, you tell the Hatter this is not the hat for me. He stops his banging and he looks for another. You try to place it back on the mannequin which was found. But he gives it right back without a word or a sound.

Three more hats were tried on: Sombrero, Capotain, and a boater. One was too small and iched. One smelled funny. And One was just too elaborate.  None of these hats defined my profession as the one I first picked out.

The Hatter place all three of the hats that he picked on my head at one time. Moving them accordingly to make sure each one stood in place.  He very loudly scooted a ladder behind me and placed the hardhat over the sombrero and then Fedora.

A very loud clearing of the throat was made when he was ready to place the last and final hat on top of the cluster already on my head. And like magic, each layer of hats were going inside the snapback. A chuckle came from me as it went over the outlandish sombrero. And as it went over the Capotain and boaters, my smile brightened.

What was left was the original snapback that now stood perfectly formed on my head.


You, you’re not just your Title: Gym Owner, Personal Trainer, Coach, Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor….

You are an Entrepreneur. And with every Entrepreneurs, YOU WEAR MORE THAN JUST ONE HAT. And sometimes you wear more than one hat at one time.

Let’s think about this. Where do you receive your clients? Some would say from referrals, networking, social media, … This your Marketing Hatwww-tumbler-com%2ftwippyfan

Now you just finished with a client and notice that a new gym member who has been eyeing you has now drawn up the courage to ask you about information about your services…. This is your Sales hat. This is your money maker hat.

You now have more clients than you have time and realize you need to start delegating and prioritizing…This is your Management Hat.

You have finally broke even and are producing a profit. What are you going to do with all this cash?… This is your Finance Hat.


Last but not least hat. This is the time you spend with your client. This hat is the one that makes an impact to the client and what you love most about what you do… This hat is called the service hat. The hat that everyone sees.


All of these hats are important. None more that the other. Okay maybe the sales hat since it generates revenue. But you can not have one hat without having another. They are all intertwined with one another and work with each other.

Remember, some hats may be comfortable while others tight and itchy. You can always adjust the hat by becoming more knowledgeable in that category.

So tell me, how many hats to you use on a daily basis?

~Valorie Hendrix, MBA

President of Dynamic Empire Consulting


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