17 Revenue Inspired Songs to Workout to.

If people take anything from my music, it should be motivation to know that anything is possible as long as you keep working at it and don’t back down.

The movement we wake up, we are motivated my our environment. Music can inspire you to work more enthusiastic, and more productive. This list is music that is inspired to increase your revenue. For best use of inspiration, listen prior to actually doing work.

So grab your headphones and turn up the volume because we have 17 of the top revenue inspired songs that also double as workout playlist.

#17 Dolly Parton : Nine to Five

Dolly started her career as a songwriter and musician in county music. She has ecsalled her capabilities in business where she owns The DollyWood Company and co-ownes Sanddollar Production. Evan at the age of beautiful 71, she still performs and writes song for pop and country music. Her net worth is estimated at $500 Million.

#16 Van McCoy : The Hustle

Van McCoy is famous for this one-hit-wonder in 1975 where it went #1 in Billboards Hot 100. The album sold over a million copies. McCoy died at 39, however, he is credited to 700 copyrighted songs.

#15 Ace Hood : Hustle Hard

After realizing that Ace Hood would not be able to play pro football because of an injury, he started his career in rapping. His song “Hustle Hard” has been the motivational theme song to many athletes such as: Matt Kemp, Ricky Weeks, and John Mayberry.

#14 Amerie : Gotta Work

While studding in Georgetown, Amerie had befriended a D.C. club owner who networked with producer Rich Harrison. Harrison helped her start her music career which lead to her acting.

#13 Ol’ Dirty Bastard : Got Your Money

ODB was a member of the original New York Hip-Hop group,  Wu-Tang Clan. Wu-Tang group has launched many careers of hip-hop and rap artist. Wu-Tang also produced a clothing line. Today the clan is worth $20 Million

#12 Britney Spears : Work B**ch

According to Recording Industry Association of America, Britney is considered the 8th top selling female artist. It is no wonder, with 100 Million records sold in her life time.

#11 Iggy Azalea : Work

This rags to riches song is the story of Iggy moving from Mullubimby Australia to Miami Florida at 16 to pursue her career as an American rapper. This song was on her first album released in 2014.

#10 Draft Punk : Harder Better Faster

Draft Punk, dance and disco musicians, has created an international sensation with their robotic voices and drum machines. In 2007, Draft Punk won a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

#9 Fall Out Boys : This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race 

The song debuted off of Fall Out Boy’s Sophomore album Infinity on High that brought 162,000 album sales in the first week.

#8 Donna Summers : She Works Hard for the Money

Summers, better known as the Queen of Disco, has created a legacy with her music career. Being the first African-American woman to win an MTV Video Music Award and being the first artist to have three consecutive double albums.

#7 Krewella : Killin’ it

Be careful who you partner with. Early in their music career, sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf teamed up with producer Kris “Rain Man” Trindl. After Trindl sued the sisters for unfairly removing him from the group at the cost of $5 million. The sisters countersued claiming that Tindl was abusive to drugs and alcohol.

#6 Rihanna Ft. Drake : Work

Rihanna is the youngest and fastest solo artist to earn fourteen #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100. This doesn’t include the massive amounts of music awards she has won over the decade.

#5 Notorious B.I.G. : Mo Money Mo Problems

As a high school drop out, Notorious B.I.G. was willing to do what ever it took to make sure his children graduated from high school at the top of the class. Even though his music career only lasted 5 years. Sixteen days after his death in 1997, his album Life After Death was released. Selling 690,000 copies the first week.

#4 Wiz Khalifa : Workhard, Playhard

At the age of 16, Khalifa signed his first label with Rostrum Records. It took him 7 years for him to his first album. With all the wait, Khalifa was able to improve his skills as a rapper. With those polished skills, Khalifa won several awards.

#3 Kevin Gates : Really Really

While serving time in prison, Gates used his time to pursue his master’s in Psychology. This became beneficial in his rap career since many of his lyrics are based on mental health issues he encountered during his prison time.

#2 Zhu Ft. Skrillex and THEY : Work for It

“Work for It”  is the first single off of Zhu’s 2nd album, Generationwhy. While Zhu has only been producing music for 3 years, look forward to more music from him.

#1 2 Chainz : Watchout

What is better than having a musician who knows that they need more than one revenue source. In late 2016, 2 Chainz has developed a line of hoodies called Create Every Opportunity (CEO) Millionaires.

These songs also do well to use a playlist during your workout. However you need to use them to inspire yourself to achieve your goal.

For the best results listen to them loud and listen to them often.

~Valorie Hendrix

President Dynamic Empire Consulting


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