Find Your Individual Fitness Business Niche in these 5 Easy Steps:

Have you ever been to a comedy show? How about a Weird Al comedy show?


No? And there is probably a reason for your answer. It’s likely because his sense of humor does not align with yours. That is because his comedy is in different niche than yours.

Just like Weird Al, you can’t please everyone at the same time. Mr. Al has chosen a select group of people to entertain.

As part of being in the health and fitness industry, you have already narrowed down a selection of work from the many industries that offer financial compensation.

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Knowing and understanding your niche is important because your service will provide a solution to a problem for a specific group of people. There are several benefits in having a market niche:

  • You will stand out from your competition by have specific offerings.
  • It will help you create branding by being the expert.
  • People that need your expertise will be drawn to you.
  • Since you are the expert, you can also charge more.
  • Your clients will benefit by the relevant experience of qualifications you provide.

Now it’s time to narrow down a market niche in order to significantly impact to your direct clients. Follow these 5 Steps to finding your own individual fitness niche:


  1. Identify your strengths, passions, and talents:

Some of these can be seemingly obvious while others may be skills that you have not used in some time. Make a list.

These will be used to determine if your ideal niche matches your data. For example, you have been an experienced weight lifter prior to personal training. You may not be as interested in coaching a long distance runner.

  1. Your data:

Go through the the information of past and current clients and determine the following:

  • Age Range (10 year increments)
  • Health (ei. Injuries, health complications, pre/post pregnancy)
  • Weight (underweight, average, overweight, obese)
  • Advancement (novice, intermediate, or advanced)
  • Goal (ei. strength training, flexibility, weight management, long distance running,…)

Other forms of data can include:

  • Sex
  • Financial
  • Availability

Simmon Lovell’s article 100 Great Fitness Niches has several other data points and opportunities to look at when finding your niche.

The more data you have for your ideal client, the more narrow your marketing niche will be.

“1 mile wide, 1 inch deep”

~Edgar Nye


  1.  Identify your client:

Identify the frequency numbers of your clients from your data range

Use a Vine diagram such as the one below to determine what specific requirements your clients face. Your ideal client will be in the middle of the vine diagram.


Your ideal marketing focus may be on that individual niche, but you may attract clients who meet only 2 of the your data points. It’s okay to use your expertise to serve these clients as well.

HINT: Take a photo of your ideal client and keep it with you when you blog or post something on social media. That way your message is directed to your niche.


  1. Become knowledgeable about this client, their relevant needs and goals.

Blogs from other professionals in the same specialty can give great information about training this client

Check out resources such as

Forms found in Reddit and can give excellent advise. Just be leary,everyone is not an expert.

  1.  Refine this data from clients and iterate.

Clients data can often change or shift. Just go with the flow by checking the data every 3-6 months to making sure you are hitting the appropriate niche. If the data does change from previous, adapt your niche accordingly.

Prior to making this niche reality, make sure that:

  • It is something that you are passionate about and will continually learn more about.
  • That you are actually good at providing services for this niche.
  • That this niche can financially support you.
  • And that you are willing to pass up any opportunities from other niche.

There, you have it. 5 steps to getting your individual fitness niche.

Use these steps towards providing optimal services for your clients. Be proud and confident of your specific niche and the clients your serve. And don’t forget to document and record your clients progress along the way.

Before long, your clients will become more engaged in what you can offer them. They will becoming to you instead you finding them.

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