3 Qualities to Become Your Client’s Hero

Everyone need a hero in their life, with or without a cap or superpowers, in your life. You as a fitness professional have the capabilities to improve the physical hurdles clients have. A fitness professional must earn the trust of their clients to transform them into super hero status.

Now, how can you become your client’s hero?Re

Fitness clients define 3 trustworthy characteristics in fitness professionals as Likability, Accountability, and Credibility.

As we go through each one of these, ask yourself if your clients see these characteristics in you. If not, there is advice offered on how to increase each characteristic.


giphyHas there ever been a superhero who doesn’t have charisma and confidence even while facing terrifying situations? A hero’s smile could melt ice and their voice is a combination of Fergie and Jesus. Being likable are actions in the present that provide charm and acceptance.

What clients want is emotional acceptance; this includes feeling welcomed and not being judged. Because clients at the beginning are going to feel out of place, awkward, and lack confidence.

By making your brave clients feel enthusiastic about working out, they will perform better, gain confidence in you and themselves, and are likely to purchase more fitness programs.

How likable are you? Take the test and find out.Want Morecontent not offered in out blog- Register for our News letter

Here are some ways to provide likability:

  • Smile at full scale with crow’s feet. The more you smile and shine confidence, the more your clients are going to reflect that back to you.
  • Focus on the person right in front of you by making eye contact and listening. Make them feel as though both of you are involved in your client’s fitness program.
  • Look professional. Physical attributes can say a lot to a client. And your clients level of comfort for you will develop.
  • Increase your person development. When you know how to fix problems within yourself, then it becomes easier to mentor others.
  • Give them positive feedback. And don’t criticize wrong- doing, just correct them.

Here is a list from Forbes.com on the other ways to become more likable.


A super hero knows that their actions provide positive and negative consequences. They must manage, protect, harness, and use their powers appropriately.

The same aspect goes to fitness professionals. Accountability is the future actions that holds the integrity of the professionals.

images (1)

As a fitness professional, you are accountable to your clients; meaning that you are liable and responsible for their physical health, time, and money while they are under your

Clients entrust in your knowledge, experience, and discipline in exchange for results.

How to increase your accountability?

  • Show up on time. Doing so encourages your client to do so as well.
  • Provide capable goals to get results with in your fitness program.  These Goals need Reto be SMART. The arrangement and expectations of the goals must be clearly stated for you and your client.
  • Continuously develop your expertise. Knowledge is power and being an expert in your niche is critical to your reputation.
  • Ask for feedback. By asking for feedback, you are not only learning what needs to be improved but you are also proving interest in your client.


As we see from Batman, the wrong witness can turn the credibility of a hero into a villain.

Credibility is the client’s trust worthiness in you base on past experiences. It is the client’s belief system that stems from the information provided. When a client is aware of your authentic credibility, it allows them to makes quicker and firmer decisions.


To increase your credibility, you must accomplish the following:

  • Provide similar experience in what the client needs. Again, be the expert in your target market.  
  • Create proof of records of past clients including: testimonies, case studies, and video blogs.
  • Have an outstanding report of past clients. Your past clients may have moved on with their fitness program, however, they will feel more inclined to refer their friends, family, and colleagues who are struggling in the same areas they once were.
  • Paradox of practice. You are what you preach.  Simply put, if you expect your client to do what you purpose, you have better done it in the past or present.

These are 3 simple ways to win over your clients that doesn’t result in stopping a fast-moving train. The advice given can be used right away to gain the respect and confidence of your clients. Not only will it make you trustworthy as a professional, but your clients will have confidence in the value you provide them.

Take warning that these 3 characteristics can win clients. However, if these are abused or Want Morecontent not offered in out blog- Register for our News lettermisused, then you shall lose your integrity to your clients.

Remember, you have power of being a superhero to your clients. You can be the reason why a client succeeds or fails.

Use these powerful traits to provide satisfaction and to gain more clients.

~Valorie Hendrix

Owner and Founder

Dynamic Empire Consulting

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