Do You Know What Message Your Target Market is Looking For?

Jim came to me needing some advice. He was not getting through his fan base on Facebook. Even though he had over 600 followers on his page, he wasn’t getting the engagement that he wanted with his online fitness program.

Flustered and new to being an entrepreneur, he didn’t know to start.

He had formerly worked for a bigbox gym who did all the marketing and sales for him to get clients. Now on his own, he thought by having a fan base over the years would give him enough exposure to starting his online fitness program.

No guidance no marketing wisdom= No success, no clients, no income after 2 months.

And he has burnt through his savings.


I formally introduced myself to Jim through LinkedIn where I held a conversation about his pain points and after we held our free training session.


In the training session I discovered may problems that rookie entrepreneurs make when it come to marketing. I won’t list them all but I wanted to go into the most essential one. The one that drives content of your message. The one that determines who you are going to provide services to.

Target market.

Think of the target market as a bullseye. Your points are based low to high. The further outside you are, the lower points you receive. The further inside you are, the more points you get.

And what are these points? Tighter definition of who you want to provide your service to.

Because we can’t service thing to everyone all the time.

[Find Your Individual Fitness Niche in these 5 Easy Steps]

To know your target market, you must be able to answer the following:

Where do they shop? Online, Amazon,, maybe even the local health food store.

Where do they socialize and get their entertainment? Blogs, Podcast, Social Media, local coffee shop.

If you don’t know these answers, well there are tools such as Pixels in Facebook and Google to track the traffic coming to your site and tracks the internet activities of that traffic.

You can also do research. has some amazing information that I have used that is demographic.

Other ways of getting data is surveys and listening to people.


When you know your target market, you are then able to provide potential clients and current clients content that can answer the following for them:

What are their pain points and struggles?

What are their needs?

How can your business confidently fulfill that?

How does your service fits their needs?


When you write your content, write from your struggling client’s point of view. Use words and phrases they they would say. Provide the struggle that they are currently approaching. Once you have them emotionally tied to what you say, then and only then, can you offer them a release.

When you are able to get this right, you will be able to give your potential clients the information they need to make the decision to use your knowledge and expertise into making them healthier, fit, and confident.

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