That is How You Ignite Your Content

So earlier this week we went over how to discover your Niche and target market. By being narrow and highly specific about:

Who you want to serve?

Why you want to serve them?

How are you going to be able to serve them?

We also determined the platform you want to use to bring your future client’s content and information to them.


Now it is time to go further into the content message you want to give them.

These people you want to convert into clients are your tribe. And you are the newbie. Yes, you are the newest person of their tribe. And it is time for you to start speaking in their language, their dialect, and their words.

And how do you learn the language of your new tribe?

You got to become fully engaged. This may take time to actively ask and listen to people who are ready for their transformation and ready for you to give it to them. After listening to your tribe, you will start to see a pattern of problems that they are experiencing.

This is knowledge, valuable knowledge. This is raw data you need.

Keep track of what is being said both verbally and physically. This is going to be their pain points, their hardships, and their excuses why.

But for you, this is your catalysis. This is how you are going to get into their emotions. So that they feel as though you understand their struggles.

Once you are speaking in your tribe’s language, fluently, take the raw data and pinpoint where the tribe, as a group, struggles the most.

Then use that kerosene of language and your knowledge to provide content that directly corresponds to the language your target market wants to hear.

I will emphasis this Make the content about the tribe.

Speak more in second-hand language by using “you/your” instead of first-hand “I/we” and third-person “he/she/it…”

Make that content powerful, useful, and actionable.

Yes I said, actionable. Tell them what you want them to do after they read your content but make sure it’s not demanding or pushy in any way. An example is listed below.

Powerful words are full of emotions that create actions. Emotions will make your tribe members resonate what they truly want. And what they want to do is contact you to remove the problems, pain points, and struggles they are facing.

Being useful means you give just enough information to provide curiosity in your tribe members. Remember, you want your content to show that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your tribe’s problems. But you don’t want to give away so much information that they just need your content.  

That is how you ignite your content.

After you read this, I just have one question….

Did you find this information valuable? If so, please go to my website, To get signed up for your free training session where I can provide you more content, one-on-one, about the struggles you are facing in your business and the solutions.

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