Is Your Side Hustle Stagnating Your Fitness Business?

Question, who has a side hustle?

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about by having a side hustle. According to the Bureau of Labor, 7.8 Million Americans have multiple jobs.

But it has come to my attention that many of you have a side hustle or secondary job in order to support and supplement your income for both personal and professional life.

Examples of common side hustles in the health and fitness industry include: network marketing product, working for Uber here or there, or even working part time as contracted fitness professional. These are all jobs used to supplement your business income.

Don’t get me wrong, this is in no way to humiliate you, because I have had my fair share of side hustles in my life. But there comes a time when you have to decide if you want to stay completely 100% focused in your future.

And your side hustle is preventing you from being 100% focused in your future and business. By absorbing the time it takes to be completely be committed in your business. This could cause your business to become stagnate since you do not have the time for new client lead generation.

Your side hustle is also preventing you from accelerating your potential in your fitness business. By keeping you comfortable with the standards of the hourly rate you make in both businesses. More or less this hourly rate is less than what you deserve as a fitness professional.  

Be truthful, and ask yourself the following to determine how absorbed you are with your side hustle:

  • Is  your side hustle preventing you from investing in yourself and business?
  • Is your side hustle keeping you stable and secure financially?
  • Do you fear losing your side hustle will cause increasing financial problems?
  • Have you worked two or more jobs but haven’t had any growth in your fitness business since taking on the side hustle?

Remember, side hustle is just a temporary job, used to supplement your income until your business can support you. And that doesn’t mean that it supports you in a hefty mansion. It is there to support you until you can go from chicken coop to one bedroom apartment with food, electric, and internet.

So when taking on a side hustle, you have to know your end date.

Your end date is the DATE to which you will end your side hustle and have full focus on your fitness business.

Set that date, make all the proper goals and milestones in your calendar and knock those goals off one-by-one until you achieve the appropriate time to quite that side hustle.

Focus on hitting all the targets to remove yourself from that side hustle.

When you are finally ready, remember the following:

  • Be respectful, when you put your 2 weeks notice in.  
  • Celebrate and have fun on your last day of your side hustle.
  • Don’t be a jerk and never burn bridges.

Now that you have one business to focus on. WORK-YOUR-ASS-OFF, set goals, ACHIEVE those goals, and implement your dreams. Remember businesses are about relationships and income.

To increase your income focus on the 3 profit producing activities for your fitness business:

  1. Create more leads
  2. Create new clients
  3. Train your clients to the best of your ability

Look forward and don’t look back at what securities that side hustle gave you.

If you have to go back to a side hustle, it’s not a failure, it’s a chance to learn. Just remember that it’s only temporary and just that security until your business can provide for you.

If you need direction in your business or how to implement more profit producing activities so that you no longer are in need of a side hustle then schedule your free 15 minute Business Discovery Call where we will do a simple evaluation of the problems that are causing you to have the side hustle and how you can gain more income into your business.

To schedule your call, please click the link below and schedule a date and time that best works for you.

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