Out of Your Comfort Zone


Why is it so difficult to remove yourself from safety, warmth, and comfort of your bed each morning?

Because it is safe, warm, and comfortable.

And managing to remove yourself out of that zone is completely out of your natural instincts.

There comes a cost that our ancestors have had pay. Those who took the risk and left the confides of their cave or dwelling. That they themselves could come into dangerous territory from predators, rivalries, illness, and natural disasters. All of these factors were life threating to the survival of our species, but so was not developing in an advanced society.

Your ancestry did take a risk and left their comfort zone, day-in and day-out. Not only for your survival but also for our species to become highly advanced. If it was not for your ancestry to explore new territories, gain more knowledge, and become more technologically advance, we would be primitive, blind, cave dwellers.

But we are not primitive, blind, cave dwellers. We are an ambitious, continuously developing species that have the want and desire to make the quality of life better for ourselves and in each generation.

You get up each morning and pull yourself out of your comfort zone just to make today better for you, your families, and your society than it was the day before.

You are the one with drive and ambition to make the world a better place. And in doing so, you are rewarded in ways that is not monetary.  But by the benefits that the next generation will get form your hard work.

Think of all the advancement in arts, architectural, medicine, and technology that came from just getting up out of bed every morning. Nobody has ever created something evolutionary from staying in bed.

Now think of what can we accomplish together just by getting out of your comfort zone.


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