Happy, Warm, Fuzzy Customers

Christmas Morning

Your seven-year-old mind is anticipating that new robot, Jac that was unveiled on YouTube. Jac is a first of it’s kind robot, that can dance to your favorite song, knows every line from your favorite movie, and can learn how to play your favorite game. You have waited for the last 4 months since it’s debut online. None of your friends even have a robot that is this technologically advanced and you want be ahead of your piers.

The anticipation, the want, the urge to know if Santa came through tot get you the only thing you asked for. You stay wide awake all night, listening for any steps, but all you hear is your heart beating. “Thump, thump, thump.” The silence and the darkness of the night are just too much for your weary eyes. They close.

Next you remember that you are asleep “WAKE UP!” Your mind calls to you. A gasp of air rushes to your chest, eyes pop wide open, and you shift your weight to project your feet to the floor. Move your body quickly to the Christmas tree and in doing so you stumble into a table making a racket as you work your way to the Christmas tree. You end up waking everyone else in the house.

Now that you are at the Christmas tree, you pause. You can now hear your heart beat loud and clear and your eyes are a radar for a package of what you believe is your much desired new robot.

Now that your family is up, they join you in around the Christmas tree with less enthusiasm as you.

You spot a large package, eyes gleam with joy and a huge smile comes over your face when you pick it up and confirm that this package does have your name on it. The words on your face say it all. When you look at your parents and they nod back that you can open your gift.

The paper is shredded in a fast attempt to uncover this massive gift. You rip it through the paper like a beast. Only to find a cardboard shipping box was underneath this paper.

“Great!” your mind ponders, more barriers. You hand the box over to your dad to have him assist you in opening up this over tapped shipping box. Dad uses the knife to cut the edges of the box and create a safe way for you to conveniently remove the contents of the gift.

You look down inside the box but are unable to see anything. So reach your hand down in the box and feel something. As your heart races faster, you start to pull it out.

Now this story can end in 3 different ways.


You quickly remove the contents. But your eyes are in complete disbelief. What you thought you had a hold of was not the neck of the robot, but the neck of a guitar. You look at the guitar and then look back at your parents. Who are sitting, watching with smiles. And mom says, “We didn’t know what to get you but then remembered that your dad started taking lessons at your age.”

sadYour life is now ruined. You have no interest in playing the guitar, just playing with that new robot friend. You can feel the tears whelp up in your eyes. And the hurt develop in your heart. You will never be the same.

What went wrong as a business in this scenario? You, as an owner, delivered a product that you thought that the customer wanted. But it wasn’t what they wanted and they were left with a displeasing taste.


You quickly remove the contents. And you are with over-whelming joy when pull out the robot you have been wanting for months. But your joy slips when you realize the arm had fallen off at some point during shipping. You level of happiness just moved down a notch. But you are still excited to play with your new toy.

Dad takes the toy from you and tries to trouble shoot the problem of fixing the arm. After a couple of attempts, he gives up and looks for directions. He finds a paper that gives a toll free number and calls. When he calls, all he gets is a recording that the office is closed for the holidays and will not be open until after New Years.

You now have to wait over a week to play with your new toy.

Two weeks goes by and you now have a new toy with out the damage. This time the toy did not have a battery life and you had to wait several hour to play with the toy. And once it was fully completed, it still needed downloaded information about you, such as your favorite song, movies, videos, and games. By the time every thing was complete, it was already several days into the school, and you were the only one who was not showing-off the new and wonderful robot you got. It was no longer wonderful, it was just mediocre. It had lost all it’s luster and now was not going to live up to it’s expected reputation. disappointed

What went wrong as a business in this scenario? You produced the basic needs of the customer. But you delivered a product that didn’t have enough value to it. Now your product doesn’t hold it’s value to the customer.


You quickly remove the contents. And you are with over-whelming joy. You look face to face at the robot, and the toy immediately turns on and says “Hi James. My name is Jac. Merry Christmas. Thanks for being my friend.” Delighted smile comes over your face.

You set Jac on the floor and he starts playing and dancing to your favorite song. You laugh, your family laughs.

You thought your heart was full before, but it is filling up even more and every time Jac learns some thing new.

Jac has been preprogramed when he was ordered by your parents. He came fully charged and completely ready out of the box. Jac has the latest technology, such as wireless charging, Bluetooth capabilities, LED lights, Wi-Fi upgrades, voice recognition, and cognitive and adaptive software so Jac can learn from his environment.

Jac also is made of durable material from a process oriented factory. Jac will passed 150 point inspection before being shipped to his new family. The company has a 24/7/365 support team to help with any problem that occurs along with if there is a major problem with your Jac, they will ship a replacement over-night to you at no charge.

The company that make Jac understands the needs that the customers have and are willing to surpass the expectations of the customers, even if it’s the little things such as preprogramed information.

You are so thrilled with your Jac that you take him every where and tell everyone about it. Your parents are thrilled with all the small things such as customer support that they brag about the product to all the other parents. And give rave reviews on your website and on YouTube. happy-man

You are now a happy, warm, fuzzy customer.

Thanks to all the small and valuable things you add to the product, you get 14 referrals from this sales and turn those 14 referrals into 196 and so-on and so-on. stick-man

What went right with this Scenario? The company is customer oriented. Even though the customer had intentions of a robot that did certain things the company knew that the customer would enjoy the added value of customer service, technology, quality product, and servicing. These added benefits were not at the top of the expectations list that the customers first wanted but became that way after receiving the product.

Now which one of these scenario’s do you want your customers to experience?

If you are ready to take the next step into getting happy fuzzy customers from your product or service , then just give click on the link bellow, fill out a time that best suits you and we can do a 30 minute conversation about the benefits of adding value to your customers.


Valorie Hendrix

Owner of Dynamic Empire Consulting





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