An Oil Changed: How I Perceived Exceeding Customer Satisfaction

So this one time I was over due on my oil change and all the time I had to spare that week was during my 30 minute lunch break.

I didn’t want to until the next week since I had an epically long road trip this weekend and didn’t want to chance taking my car on this road trip without having the proper maintenance. Having an well maintenance vehicle is escential to getting the life expectancy out of it.

My problem wasn’t the oil change itself, it was the amount of time I had to spend getting one. There are service stations all around who would be happy to charge me so they could change my oil, but there is only one place in my small town who could do a full service oil and lube in 10 minutes.

I had never been there but they had a reputation of being quick but the highest priced in town. But they were giving me what I wanted, 10 minute oil change.

So my only solution was to use their services.

There was already 2 cars in the bay and mine would be the next in for the change. I was instructed to leave my cars inside the car and to go inside the lobby where the receptionist would get all the information they needed.

After giving her all the car relevant information, I was asked to take a seat as she called the owner of the vehicle who was finished. He has only a few pages into flipping the magazine he had in hand.

I took a seat and my car was pulled up into the bay, I watched as a team of enthusiastic, pit crew, did a list of things that I could only visibly see. The worked quickly and in unicentric to make sure they weren’t running into each other. Items were handed back and forth and within less 7 minutes my name was being called for me to be paid.

The lobby may have been small, but it held a small TV that was reporting the news, free Wi-Fi,  fresh filtered, drinking water, brewed coffee, and some what enjoyable chairs.

The receptionist went over a list of items that they checked during my service. Even though she said the list quickly, there was only one area of concern, windshield wipers. Things they looked were tire pressure, air filters, all the fluids, and any leaks in the oil pan and transmission. She suggested that they could a set on right quick but it was going to cost more than if I went to do them myself. I declined, this time.

She then told me the price. It was only a little over $14 more than what I was paying at other service stations. And not only that but the receptionist filled out a rebate for me. And she was going to mail it for me. She reminded me that in about 3-4 weeks I will receive a rebate for $10 off my next oil change. Bonus!

I paid my dews and it took a total of 10 minutes for the whole process. Double Bonus!

My car was pulled up outside of the lobby, inside my car the seats and floor had been vacuumed and my windshield was free of dust. Triple Bonus Points!

As a customer, all I wanted was a quick oil change. But what I got was so much more:

  • Oil change (in 10 minutes)
  • A service check
  • An accommodating lobby
  • Excellent customer service
  • Clean vehicle
  • Rebate (for my next visit)

I didn’t just get an oil change, I got an experience that made me leave happier than when I first came in.This is how your customers should feel when they get a product or service from you.

Not only was my first experience that way, but every experience with this oil and lube business have been this way. I have had 3 other vehicles since then and continue to take my vehicles to that service station. They know me by name and treat me like a friend. And I recommend everyone to them to get their oil changed.

Imagine if your customer’s came in for your product and service and felt like they were being treated beyond their expectations.

What would that do for your reputation, your business rating, your business, your revenue?

To find out more about how to master and exceed the expectations of your customers just click the link below and set up a time for you to have a 15 minute business evaluation session. In 15 minutes you can get insights to help remove the barriers to gain more revenue in your business.

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Valorie Hendrix


Dynamic Empire Consulting


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