But Has it Killed You? Fear and Self Limiting Beliefs

  • Jumping out of an airplane with out a parachute
  • Getting bit by a poisonous snake or spider and not seeking medical attention
  • Playing Russian runlet
  • Starvation

These actions can kill you.

What won’t kill you

  • Public Speaking
  • Going to a Network marketing event
  • Asking your crush out
  • Going to the gym (even when you are out of shape)
  • Taking that long anticipated leap to start something new

So why does the second list of create so much more fear than the first fear?

That anxiety you feel when you do something that causes fear. It comes from our limiting beliefs that we have had active your mind that was created there since you were  a child. Self Limiting beliefs is something that you have been taught and not born with. They exist after years and years of listening to other people discouraging messages and taking those messages as our own, then repeating them every time you come in that situation where that message exist.

They can be passed down attitudes or suggestions from generations of other people who failed. And do not want to see someone else in that same predicament.

But has it killed you?


And the more you think about the things that gives you anxiety, the louder your limiting beliefs become. Increasing your fear and making it more difficult for you to do the things that you fear. These activities are completely, physically harmless within themselves but they create anxiety that can cause a lot of health issues.

But has it killed you?


What can someone do who wants to do the things they fear?

There are methods to help remove the limiting beliefs that have been tattooed in our thoughts and process. They take time to reverse the damage of negativity that has caused you to surrender to it. Never fear, because here is a list of methods and actions to remove those fears caused by our limiting beliefs.

  1. Remove or limit yourself from those who are speaking the language of fear. These are people who speak negatively, don’t encourage you, plant seeds of failure. Even though they may be people who have your best interest in mind, (parent, friend, spouse) they may be feeding into your fears, instead of having your back and supporting your dreams.

2. I’m not saying you should remove yourself from your mom because she doesn’t see your vision. I am saying to make what you want clear and that if they do not support you in it, you may need to seek people’s attention who sees and understands your vision. These people can help you get to your dream quicker than someone who doesn’t support it.

You can find these people in different networking groups. They come in the form of:

  • Business Owners
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Religious Members
  • Athletes
  • Students
  • Artist/Writers
  • Politicians
  • And anyone you see with a smile on their face

Hang around these goal oriented, self-determined, individuals and you will notice that you will start thinking like them and acting like them, and probably dress like them.

3. Daily Affirmations give you positive reinforcement throughout the day just in a few sentences or paragraph form. Find one that is fitting for your need. Write it down. Write it 20 times. Post these where you see them the most, refrigerators, mirrors, doors, TVs, Computers, bathroom stalls, where ever you see yourself daily.

And just reiterate them every time you see them. Repeat it over and over throughout the day, especially when those negative thoughts or beliefs come to play. They may be silly at first but once you repeat them enough that you actually start believe them, they will then take over, and remove the self limiting beliefs in your head.

These are a few actions that you can take to remove negative self limiting beliefs from your mind. Test them by trying them out for the next few months. You have nothing to loss for trying to remove the negativity out of your life.

It’s not easy, to make changes to full-fill your dreams, but it will be worth it. You might find changes in yourself that you didn’t know existed and were capable of accomplishing anything.

In the end you will find that fear isn’t as big as an elephant in a closet, but fear is more like a mouse in the universe.

To learn more about how to remove self limiting beliefs out of you life so you can have the life you dream, just click on the box below and schedule your free 15 minute coaching session packed with insightful ways on how to make your life and environment full of positive seeds.

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