Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8: Getting Back Up After You Fail

How many time times did you fall during your infancy? Where you able to lift your body and start running like an Olympic sprinter? Probably more like a frat student celebrating his 21st birthday. Not having any control of your wobbly legs and not having enough coordination to prevent you from running into that chair multiple times.

Do you ever question the fact that a child has no fear of failure? This is really true if you think about it and you are as toddler you probably fell down hundreds of times and didn’t have the coordination to walk until probably 4-5 years old.

What would have happen if you had to relearn how to walk all over again at the age you currently are. Could you handle the humiliation of falling down hundreds of times? Could you do that without being frustrated? Angry? Could you fall with a smile and maybe a laughter?

Think about if you fell for the first time and never wanted to try again. What would you be able to  accomplish if you limited yourself to laying on the floor all day.

As an adult and you fall, you feel as though the floor is an actual safe place. Because if we get back up, we have to dust off our knees, hold ourselves up (tall and confident), and remember what we did last time that made us fall so we don’t make that same mistake again. That’s a lot of actions compared to just laying on the floor when falling doesn’t hurt so much. So it’s no wonder why people will quit after just failing once or just a few time in life and stop pursuing the ultimate goal. Success.

Everyone who has ever accomplished something fantastic has had made falls to get to their success. Here is a short list of famous people who have fallen but were able to pick themselves up and create historical success.

  • Thomas Edison– “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work.”
  • Alexander Graham Bell– “When One door closes, another one opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
  • Henry Ford– “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
  • Richard Branson– “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn my doing, and falling over.”
  • Mother Teresa– “Failure is merely feedback that there is something blocking the path of the emergence and expansion of the greatest version of yourself.”

After we fall, we all have a process in order to prevent us from falling again. Here is the list that I use and I’m sure you will find it similar to what you use.

  1. Lift up your body from the floor: This is the financial impact that needs to be resolved after you have taken a fall. Calculate your current debt or what your income loss is. It’s time to think forward on how you are going to make your next payment for rent.
  2. Dust yourself off: This where you do a mental check of yourself and the environment. Failing can be damaging to your ego as well as the people in your life. Take inventory of the emotional impact that has taken place. The faster you can remove the negativity in your head, the quicker you can move to your next phase in the entrepreneur life.
  3. Stand tall and confident. Let yourself shine. This may be difficult to realize but the way you look reflects the way you feel. If you look and feel confident, then no one, including yourself, is going to remember your failures, just that you keep going and got more confident afterwards.
  4. Smile- Life has got to keep going. Remember to smile and be appreciative for living on this awesome world. Start spreading that positive vibe everywhere you go and you will see that the law of attraction will bring you to people who have the same attraction.
  5. Get Stronger and smarter- One thing about learning to walk is that it take getting stronger. Develop those “muscles” in your mind, in your body, that make them stronger let them grow.
  6. Remember what made you fall and don’t make the same mistake again. At this step, it’s important to do a full root cause analysis of why you fell. Is it because you had a shoestring that was untied, or that rock was just came out of nowhere, or you were just distracted and didn’t pick up your feet like you wanted.

Whatever the RCA of the fall, it’s important to understand the cause of it, and put together a preventive approach from having that fall happen again. Such as, checking your shoe laces prior to walking, having someone else walk in front of you to prevent to darn pesky rocks from moving in front of you, and even removing those distractions that caused you to fall in the first place.

None of this can guarantee you success and prevent you from falling again. But using this technique will reduce having a “oops!” following with a tumble. What it will do is get you just one (or more) step closer to where you want to be in life.

Valorie Hendrix


Dynamic Empire Consulting

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