The Rules of Engagement When it Comes Meetings

In every meeting, there needs to be organization and discipline to make the meeting objective complete as well as meet the time objective.

To help prevent chaos during your meeting, it is important to have grounded established rules in place to prevent lengthy, unproductive meeting from occurring. Here is the top 14 rules that are used to help conduct an efficient and effective meeting strategy.

  1. Meeting Chair has full authority of the meeting.
  2. Meeting starts on time and ends on time- Don’t be late! And if you have to leave early, get preauthorization from the Meeting Chair prior to the meeting.
  3. If you are invited you are expected to participate and be engaged.
  4. Be controversial, but also be respectful to your piers. Everyone has their own options, views, and interpretations and should be allowed to respectfully voice them. AKA Don’t be a Jerk.
  5. The problem is the enemy, not the person. No remarks should be centered around the person.
  6. Keep an open mind to other voicing their options, views, and interpretations.
  7. Stay on point with the subject. If it goes off subject, it will be put into the “Parking Lot” and will be addressed if there is time during the end of the meeting. shaking-hands-3205463_1280
  8. Be courteous: Electronic devices will only be used to conduct the meeting. If you need to use it to check your email, make a call, text, or other task not related to the meeting, it had better be urgent and needs to be conducted outside of the meeting.
  9. Feeling tired or spaced out, feel free to stand up. We need your mental and physical participation during meetings.
  10. Each discussion will have a limited amount of time to conduct. If the discussion moves past that point, it will be put in the “Parking Lot” and if there is time allowed, discussed at the end of the meeting.
  11. The meeting will be recorded with meeting minutes. If you need to reflect back at the meeting, please check the meeting minutes
  12. Action items and deliverables will be assigned and placed with due dates. It is your responsibility to get these actions items completed on time.
  13. Remember that we are all here for one equal purpose: (Insert business Vision Statement)
  14. These are basic rules, in conducting the meeting to make it efficient and effective as possible. Rules are not set in stone and it is up to the Meeting Chair to make changes as needed for each meeting.

These 14 rules are just a list of general rules that can be changed by adding and removing what is needed to accomplish the objective of the meeting.  Use them, post them, send them with your agenda so that everyone knows what to except coming into the meeting that you will be conducting.

Use these or your own set of rule to provide high value in completing the objective and time allowance of a meeting.




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