Effective and Efficient Meeting

In the last two blogs we talked about how to make meetings more effective and efficient.

These two blogs are just the foundation and the rules that make meetings efficient, effective, and time conscious.

Once those two have been established, everyone will know

  • Why there is a meeting
  • What there participation level is
  • How the meeting will be conducted
  • What the expectations of the meeting is
  • This makes being the meeting chair easier going into the meeting.

office-1516329_1280Just like making the agenda, there is some prep work that is needed to get done to make the meeting run smooth

  • Have all the materials ready in advance.
  • copies of the presentation
  • pens/notepads/sticky notes
  • Food/drinks

Have your presentation ready: This includes having a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation that:

  • Uses the business template
  • Use 30 point font (so that it is visible to everyone)
  • Don’t put too much information on one page.
  • Keep the conversation and topics moving (you are under a tight schedule)
  • Make sure it is engaging by asking questions/make it entertaining/give more personable information.
  • Go over the information and practice what you will say during the meeting.

Now it’s time to be completely ready for the time you scheduled the meeting.

  • This means you need to be there early enough to make sure you have every thing set up.
  • Make sure all the equipment works properly
  • Take roster of who joins the meeting. This control accountability if there you are discussing issues such as safety and policies. people-2557396_1280
  • Make sure there is plenty of notes taken and have them documented for everyone to see.
  • Have to facilitator keep the conversation intact by keeping time and also putting unrelated conversations into the “parking lot”.
  • Everyone is responsible for their action item and to completed them within the time allowed.

Keep in mind about the purpose of the meeting. Keep the focus of you and your team about what needs to be accomplished in the amount of time you allowed

Once the meeting is completed, provide everyone with the meeting minutes and the list of action items.

The responsibilities of being a the meeting chair, is to also manage the people’s action items to make sure they get completed on time.

With all of this advice, it’s time to place them into your current meetings to lean up and reduce the amount of time it takes to have the meetings.

Valorie Hendrix


Dynamic Empire Consulting







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