Using “5 Why” in Time Management

One of the biggest issues I have heard you talk about is the issue with time management. How do you go from a 12-14 hour day to a normal 8-10 day with out allocating your time to other people? And right now that is not an options since you are either employed by someone or hiring more employees would take away valuable profits.

For one we must look at the Root Cause of the problem at hand.

In this exercise we will use a problem solving tool called “5 Whys”. To understand the “5 Why” problem solving tool. You first state the problem and ask a “Why” question. Answer that and ask “Why” again. Repeat with “Why” followed up with an answer until you can no longer ask “Why”. At times the why will branch into two or more “Whys” but keep the process the same for each branch.

Below is an example of what a “5 Why” could look like for a time management.


AdBelow is an example of what a _5 Why_ could look like for a time mProblem_ I want to work 8-10 hours a can'

So final conclusion (AKA Root Cause Analysis): You are having time management problem due to supplier quality issues that cause you to have to reorder to replace what is non-conforming in manufacturing.

Mind you we did solve the RCA of the problem in this situation. But there is more problems that exist when you do RCA for the supplier quality issue.

Your situation may be different and your conclusion for the RCA will be different. But what you have is a start to why you are losing time in your day.

Next we will be looking at solving these time waste in your business process and culture.

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