Recognizing the Dog Crap in Your Time Management

If you missed out on yesterday’s post about Using “5 Why” in Time Management then you missed out on using “5 Whys” for Root Cause Analysis in finding out your time management problem(s).

Today, we are going to look at what are the main causes in time management in your business that is invading your personal time as well as your profits.

It is estimated that for every 2 minutes of work performed, one minute is wasted on a non-work task. These could be issues such as waiting, rework from defects, driving to the customer, so on and so on…

These issues that take up your time are like garbage, waste, dog crap if you will. So, if you saw your dog taking a crap in your kitchen, would you recognize it? Would you clean it up?

Why of course you would. Because dog crap does not belong in the kitchen or in your business. You recognize that is an issue. step-902184_1280

So why are you not recognizing time wasters in your business? And why are you not doing anything about them?

These issues cause us to be unproductive, create over time for our employees, decrease customer loyalty and sales, hurt your profits, and take away valuable time from friends and family.

The following is a list of time waste categories:

  • Defects– Defects create quality issues that lead to rework, customer complaints, replacement product distribution.
  • Overproduction– Creating too much of a product or process that waste time since there is no need have the production.
  • Waiting- This is a delay of time or action that prevents us from through the process
  • Non Utilizing Talent- Not using specific skill set you or an employee has. This also means that you are not delegating to work properly or do not have the talent for tasks.
  • Transportation- This is a process of where your product or service goes. It includes electronic information.
  • Inventory excess- Over stock of products having to maintain inventory.
  • Motion- All the motion your and your employees have to do take away from the work that is needed to be completed.
  • Excess Processing- Creating too much systematic action, operation to make change in a defining manner, without creating too many steps. (Remember KISS technique).


(Find out more about these types of waste read: 8 Business Sins of Non-Value Added.)

Now that you have identified these 8 time management wastes, you can now stop walking around the crap by recognize where your business is losing time and profits, proceed to take the proper steps in cleaning up processes instead of walking around (or even stepping) in dog crap.

If you are ready to remove the dog crap out of your business and start have a streamlined business process, start with a simple click on the box below to set up a 15 minute business evaluation call made to go over the existing issues you are having that are preventing you from achieving the life and business you want.

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