A Rightly Turned Lefty to Save Time

Let me tell you about the first time that I use Six Sigma to lean up in process in time management.

So my very first job out of college was working an accounts payable for a local business in my hometown. By that time I already knew that accounting wasn’t going to be my career. However, I felt as though getting the job I wanted in this small town was going to be very difficult for a college graduate. I ended up taking the first job I was offered which was accounts payable.

So if you know anything about accounts payable you know that you do a lot of number in entering. And by this I mean your you are spending a majority of the time sitting at a desk using you right hand to enter data from the keyboard. So what happens when you have to move your position by using your mouse? You end up losing concentration and position that your right hand already has.

Now think about it, you’re busy using a 10-key with your right hand and now you have to move to a different cell position using your mouse.  Taking your current position off of the keyboard and onto the mouse, then back again. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot of movement but this was actually causing a 2.5 second delay in the process take that times 500 times per day that it was being done and you would see that per day I was probably wasting about 20 minutes of my day moving my hand back and forth.

So to compensate for this problem I moved the mouse to my left hand. This was a little uncomfortable to do at first, since my left hand was not my dominant hand. I had my struggles with using the mouse on my left hand however after I spent time adjusting to the difference, I enjoyed using the left hand when entering data because it speed up the data entry time and helps me catch up on other projects that needed to be worked on.
I know this doesn’t sound like a major time Management’s objective but it was my first experience using a lean process to remove an obstacle that was causing motion waste in my work.

What I learned from this was:

  1. Recognizing the Problem: Even though this was a small time saving project, of 2.5 seconds, it turned out to save less than 2 hours a week.

  2. Finding a solution: Keep it simple.

  3. Adaptation: I had to go through an uncomfortable phase to get used to adapting to using my left hand.

  4. Change: Making this change created a faster process to entering in data. Which is Win-Win-Win for everyone.

When you can change the process of your current systems into making it more time conservative, you can then free up more time in your life.

When you are ready to get back more time in your business for more freedom, then just click on the link below to start with developing a time savings strategy so you can get back on track to the life that is important to you.

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