The Shock Value of Using a Value Stream Map (VSM)

Now that we have gone over the how to use a VSM in Value Stream Mapping to Find Where Time is Wasted, you are ready to find out the value of using a VSM in finding wasted time in your process.

To recap, we created a value stream that not only had a detailed process but also the amount of time it took in each process. We have this posted preferably on a board or using software to collect the data. We audited the process again to make sure we capture all the information in the process and to ask why this is being done. Last step, was that you allow a supervisor or manager take a short audit process to make sure they agree.

After all that is said and done, we not bring our team together. I prefer for them not to know what the VSM I put together looks like. So either I cover up the VSM or we hold the meeting in a different room.

I spend my meeting according to Effective and Efficient Meeting blog. Bringing everyone together I make the purpose of the meeting about the awareness of how long this process takes. This can be a real mind opening since most people have a perspective on how things are operated but not a reality.

Since I don’t want them to see first hand the VSM, as a group, we put together a simple VSM on the process.  I first ask my team what they think the amount of time it takes to go from the order to finish of the product or service. Since most of them will have no idea of when the sales order comes in to a finished product or service, they will usually under estimate the time it takes. flow-chart

Then from there we can actually move beginning to end flow chart on how the product or service is moved from process to process.

Then it’s time to put in the reveal of the VSM and what the process actually looks like.

You might get some kind of reaction, when they compare the two. “Whoa! That’s a lot longer process than I thought about.”

Then the questions start flying, “Why does it take XX before it goes from here to there?”

Right now may not be the right time to get into the Root cause analysis of each wasted time. What we really need to do is figure out how to get from our current process (VSM) to what is expected in our future process. So ideally, you want to have the team come up with a realistic idea of how the future process will flow along with a new completion time.

VSM ExampleNow as a team you can start looking at the VSM and finding areas where there is wasted time. And determine the root cause analysis of the wasted time Using “5 Why” in Time Management.

Now that we have completed a the VSM process, it’s time to take this effective tool and use it in your business (or life) to determine where you are having wasted time. So that you can have more time, freedom, and flexibility for your business to make it more profitable.

For more information on how to make VSMs more efficient in your business, just click the link below to schedule a 15 minute business evaluation call to determine where you are getting wasted time in your business.


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~Valorie Hendrix


Dynamic Empire Consulting

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