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Dynamic Empire Consulting was created in 2016 to assist business in services in process improvement,  quality management, and value engineering. Dynamic Empire Consulting is here to service your business to make it as efficient and as effective without large increases in capital. 


Valorie Hendrix

Valorie Hendrix, owner and consultant of Dynamic Empire Consulting. She has over 5 years working in different areas of project management including Cost reduction/Value engineering, Quality management, and Lean Six Sigma. Her projects have reduced the amount of labor in bottle neck areas as much as 38%. Her cost reduction saving projects have saved over 1 million dollars in 3 years. And customer service calls reduced by 17%.

Valorie is clearly focused on what makes the business operate, that is keeping withing the revenue stream and increasing income will keeping expenses low. Using lean six sigma tools, Valorie is able to produces results in less time with the right people to produce greater results.

Although it has been years since Valorie has graduated with her MBA, she continuously improves her education with taking MOOC classes, reading daily, and listening to podcast in her free time. Her knowledge will shine with any project presented.

Let your organization put Valorie's professional and organized services to work by completing both short term and long term projects than need help in cost reduction, process improvement, quality assurance, or continuous improvement in order to gain as a market leader position.

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